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Ultimate Guide: How to Start a Lash Business

Table of Contents

Start a lash business is not easy if you’re a new. In this post, we’ll point the most important ways that you can learn from the pro tips for starting your eyelash business right below. So, let’s dive in.

Start to Create Your Own Private Label Brand and Register It.

Your logo on boxes
Private Label Logo

Semi-permanent, volume, fluffy, long lashes hit the beauty industry. Being a lash artist is a fulfilling and creative career, but like any other job, diversifying your income stream is a great way to prepare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not all lash brands are created equal, so select a brand that impresses your ideal customer persona demographic, and offers wholesale quality lashes that look and feel great and compete in your market.

Then the next step is to create a unique eyelash logo and register your business name with the Government register. You can design by online logo site, it is very easy and quick, however, it is different to register the brand in each state, you should check with your local authority to ensure you are meeting all local legal requirements.

If you already have an established career as a lash technician and you want to take the next step, consider starting a private label. Using your knowledge and experience, you can launch products you only wish you had when you were just starting out. Or you can improve on ones currently out there.

It helps to have a large client base who will follow you onto the next leg of your journey. Starting a private label isn’t hard, but it does take a lot of dedication, so if you picture yourself as CEO of a successful lash label down the line, all you need to do is take the first steps, tackling all challenges along the way head-on.

Research Your Clicks-and-Mortar Competitors

Clicks-and-Mortar Competitors

Research your competitors, shine a light on the tactics they use and their techniques to attract and retain your lash clients, this will help you get inspired and boost your confidence to build your lash business.

Visit your local salons and at-home lash businesses, posing as a client, and visit them to check out what eyelash manufacturer products they are offering, what type of experience they offer as well as the prices, figure out their cost-like how much to do a set of the lash extensions? how much of a magnetic lashes kit in the store, get their menus to see how much they charge, how they treat their customers, etc. This is very valuable information.

Alternatively, you can also Google the keywords that define your business such as “lash salon”, “lashes store” and “lash extensions training”, etc to find their businesses.

Choose a Good Lash Business Space

One of the first decisions you will make when going into the lash business is deciding where you will run your business. However, the great thing about the lash business is that you can run your business from home. Naturally, this is a much more cost-effective option for someone who is not stable financially or without existing clientele.

The lash business does not always need to be a beauty salon. In fact, you can get started by having just a couple of beds or reclining chairs is good enough or you can offer a mobile service visiting clients in their homes. However, if you already have an existing clientele and a stable income, you can create a professional lash studio setup, it will make your clients feel more comfortable and attract more business. Besides that, it is the ultimate first impression and makes your lash business more professional, trustworthy, and a reflection of your brand.

Open a Bank Account & Paypal in Your Business Name

Once the above sets, the next step is to set up your official bank account, you need your business registration and ABN / IRD number is a must-have for setting up a bank account under your brand name.

Paypal is a worldwide easy payment that can make it easy to check out,  and very convenient for you and your clients, it is crucial for your lash business online. Just a few and easy steps to register the business Paypal account.

Create a Menu for Your Business

Once you have completed the above research on eyelash products, you can decide on a reasonable price that can attract your group of audiences instead of charging high to get noticed. Creating a price menu to enhance the customer experience, find your niche and your target customers.

You can create to sell a particular brand of lashes and service on your menu, from a regular lash saloon to eyelash perm and eyebrow extension services, such as filling by different types of lashes, classic, individual, volume, initial set, with or without gift cards, or adding aesthetician services, tinting, shaping, and refilling on your lash menu.

Make Reliable Eyelash Plan & Strategy at Started

Do you want to see as many clients as possible at your business’s inception? Therefore, you need to make reliable marketing ideas & strategies. This will allow you to gain more clients as it can connect people looking for lashes services. Such as discounted prices for your lashes services to quickly get your first clients, advertise on TV, Radio, and magazines, attending beauty workshops and seminars to promote your brand recognition.

Get a Professional Website

Get a Professional Website

Traditional adverts media like TV, Radio, magazines, newspapers, and billboards, etc do not work as well as online marketing.

Having a brick-and-mortar salon is a must, but the eyelash business is a very visual thing, it’s essential to have amazing images, videos of your work to show prospective clients. Therefore, having a professional-looking website to attract more clients from online search engines searching for eyelash extension services on Google or other mediums by merely typing, “eyelash extensions near me”.

It can add more value to your brand and it also potentially doubles your profits by exposing credibility, fame to more clients online. If you are willing to spare more budget on creating a website, you could consider hiring a website and content developer to get your brand across the world, in line with the competition.

Effective Social Media Marketing Is Key

Social Media Marketing

We really are social animals, GlobalWebIndex reports that we now spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes per person, per day using social media, and Statista shows over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025. Social media plays a vital role in boosting publicity to market an eyelash extensions business.

You can tap into social media such as Facebook and Instagram to increase sales and strengthen the relationship with your customers. It is very effective to gain more attention by posting photos,  a few lash care tips, and your relevant qualifications. Advertising on Instagram and Facebook relevant to your local area can work as well KOL’s social media strategy is also a good technique to draw more brand awareness.

Review & Feedback are Critical

Review & Feedback

Positive review and feedback are crucial for a business’s success, and word of mouth is a powerful tool for increasing business, new clients will be influenced by what past customers reviews on your social media sites. so the more positive feedback and reviews you have, the more likely new customers are willing to book your services.

So Whenever your clients tell you how much they love their lashes, ask them to write a review, and reward them incentives such as a $5 voucher for their next booking if she writes feedback or review, this can increase your sales.

Consider a Good Online Booking System

Online Booking System

A good eyelash appointment booking system will become increasingly important as your clientele base getting bigger, the booking system will offer appointment schedules, clients’ history, notes, their ability to book, as well as record your sales online, etc.

A good online booking system can also be a great tool for getting more clients as you build your business, it will connect you with the base of consumers who are specifically searching for services and grow up your lash business.

Select a Reliabel Wholesale Eyelash Products Vendor

Wholesale Eyelash Products Vendor

This step is most important for you to start your lashes business and build your own brand. Buying wholesale is cost-effective as you can buy in bulk for more lower price than when buying retail.

However, What will you do if your client has a bad review of your bad quality lashes? This bad feedback will sacrifice your clientele and brand reputation, therefore you need to supply good quality lash products and services to your clients for the more a client can rely on you, the more likely they are to keep coming back for more.

Read this article to find reliable wholesale eyelashes manufacturers in China.


With these tips, we’re sure you’ll be ready to branch out soon. Whether you decide to just offer training courses or opt in for a few other options too, you’ll create an extra revenue stream that will not only help you to branch out but it will also help you to grow on a personal level.

Contact Yiernuo lashes, you can get personality and brand with a unique,  professional one stop service, you’ll see massive benefits for your business.


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