Lash Manufacturing

How to Make Lashes Step by Step

Yiernuo factory spans over 3,000 square meters with over 100 experienced hand-made workers, 10 die-mould machines, and 5 3D printing presses. This enables us to produce quality lashes with great efficiency and at lower costs.

lash rolling

Step #1.

Lash rolling

glue injection

Step #2.

Paint the glue on the lash band

dry the glue

Step #3.

Dry the glue

Step #4.

Stick the lash to the clear tray

Packaging the lashes

Step #5.

Packaging the lashes

Lash inspection

Step #6.

Lash inspection

Professional Lashes Manufacturers in China

Backed by more than 10 years of experience in the lash industry, we ensure that every process is done to the highest possible standards for our client’s satisfaction.

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