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How to Start a Online Business Selling False Lashes

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Are you interested in daily makeup and wearing false lashes? Are you addicted to sharing your makeup post on your social media? Did you want to make a living by something you are passionate about?

If so, I recommend online business. Now let’s talk about selling lashes online business from home.

Why choose lashes as Nice Niche business?

Let us first look at a set of data: “Globally, developments and changes in the personal care industry have grown dramatically in recent years. With growing requirement for personal care products, demand for false eyelashes also increased. The personal care industry poised to expand at 5.2% CAGR from 2021 to 2031 and be valued over US$ 460 billion by 2031.”


It can be seen that selling false lashes is a Nice Niche business. However, it should also be noted that competition in the false lashes market is very fierce, because the high demand, high repurchase rate, good unit price per customer, low shipping cost… Therefore, formulating the right marketing strategy, supplier selection, branding, and promotion will ultimately make you unique and highly profitable.

Why start a online business selling lashes?

With the advent of the information age, you can get many useful tips from internet to help you start your lash business from home, you can try on to make some money, to cover your daily expenditure for your life.

Easy to learn

It is much easier to be in the lash business, and you don’t need to be an expert in the plain and boring professional knowledge before starting it out, you can promote sales rely on social media promotions, and post your regular makeup in your daily life.

Low cost

Compared with wigs, false lashes are much cheaper, although they are profited from wigs, wigs unit price are high, that means the more high cost. So people have turned to false eyelashes and promote them.

And you don’t need to hire employees while starting online lash business, only a computer, mobile phone and a website to start to grow. And eyelash products are mini business so you don’t need to rent a house, or a wareshouse, that would save your budgets, you can sale them from home.

Flexible small business

Lash business is really flexible for those who are a baby’s mom, a freelancer and etc, to manage their time and money spent on the small business, for they can get profits to quickly and determine when to stop without investing much time and money, exempt from future worries.

How to Start a Online Lash Store to Sell Lashes?

Before you read, refer to this guide about how to start your lash business first, then you can follow the steps to prepare before you start your online business

Ultimate Guide to Start a Lash Business

Market research

Market research is a target customer survey and market demand general survey for its own products and industries.

You can learn the lash market from targeting your audiences, and their level of demand. And it can tell you what styles of eyelashes you can sell and follow up on.

Try to do a keyword search to get the lash business trending, keyword volume is super important for you to do your online lash store.

Product positioning

Products are the core of any sales. If you can’t accurately position your own basic products and product development direction, it will be difficult to build a world in the fierce market competition.

Survey the lash business from your competitors, check their websites, social media, reviews and etc to know the basic price range of your competitors, as a reference. You can use the price tracker to get the prices of your competitors, this can help you draw your own price planing for selling lashes online, and know how much money they selling.

Don’t set your lash pricing not so high or not so low, this is very important. Set the bar too high, and no one would be able to reach it. Set it too low, and no one will care to cross it. Know the retail prices of the type of lashes you want to sell. And it is important to set the proper price to cover your cost, shipping, and leave some space for profit.

Take an online search or survey to know what lashes people like the most. Read some blogs, posts to get trending knowledge about lash products.

Own product inventory is very important, but it must be combined with market development and customer needs. Here, you can buy a variety of false lashes and eyelash products from Yiernuo lashes. Since all the factory direct sales prices are implemented, the wholesale prices are even lower than the suppliers you know, we have all kinds of lashes in stock and delivery in 1 days.

Market positioning

You can plan a lash market positioning after market research. Don’t rush to directly develop customers blindly, and cast the net, that isn’t a good policy. Try to look for high-quality wholesale suppliers of false eyelashes for wholesale, such like Yiernuolashes, you can choose different eyelash styles from our various range of sizes and styles, mink, faux, silk, magnetic lashes, and customize your packaging boxes match your lashes.

Build the right online store platform and marketing to promote on them.

Build your own website or use the right platform is the first step, it takes your online store to the next level with fast, flexible, cost-effective e-commerce. We recommend you choose a platform to create a website, without needing any code. WordPress, Wix, Strikingly Shopify and etc, all of these websites are super easy for you to make, without any code. Although you can choose Amazon, and ebay, but their cost are too experience as a starter.

Post your lash products on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, and Youtube to attract your clients’ attention and let them order from your online store.

Find trustworthy wholesale lashes suppliers

The choice of false lash suppliers is crucial, because it is related to your product’s pricing, quality, stability of supply, and ultimately profit. Therefore, we have various of strip lashes, eyelash extensions, magnetic eyelashes, 3D, 5D mink eyelashes, etc. And material are certifated from Korea, plus lower MOQ can satisfy your flexibility in choosing the style and quantity of false eyelashes. 20%+ prices cheaper than others make your sales more competitive. How to find a a trustworthy lash vendors, read the following posts.

Custom Your Private Label Brand

If you are getting into the lash business, and then you can start a lash brand, to own a lash company. It’s time to start your own eyelash business, we manufacture following your specific instructions and sold under your brand, and offer your brand private label services to to supply your customers. Read this post for more details of custom packaging boxes.


False eyelash business is the business helping you get money faster than any other business. Even if you are mommy feeding kids, a makeup blogger, a makeup artist, or a college student, you can start your eyelashes business to make profit easily and quickly.

It is a big chance for you to make money, even if you don’t have very much budget, and you can try to start your online business selling eyelashes!

Please feel free to contact us to get support and suggestions to help you starting a false lash business online from home.


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