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How To Create Your Eyelash Logo

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The eyelash industry propel at 6.0% CAGR In the past 6 years, more and more people participate in the lash business.If you plan to start your own brand lash company, we will get you covered.

The rapid development of the lash business is a good signal for us but it also can be quite a challenge to stand out in the strip lash markets. Today, we will show you how to start building a show-stopping brand eyelash logo ideas to help you breakthrough this market. Let’s get started.

For lash brand companies, an impressive lash business logo is essential. An attractive lash logo is a symbol which can teach your customers about your lash characteristics and brand that will help your build a brand image and name and expand your lash brand recognition.

Your logo on boxes

Why an Eyelash Logo Brand Name is Important For Your Eyelash Business?

The eyelash logo with your brand name is a first key factor in the success of lash business.

An amazing eye-catching eyelash logo and name will grasp more attention, and make your brand stand out.

By standing out from the crowd and bringing a fresh new perspective with your amazing lash logo and brand name, people will want to know what you offer and how they can get in contact with you, then you’ll get to easily attract customers. This will help grow your influence and reach more people in the market and promote your lash market shares.

Eyelash Logo Designs

If you are the new and don’t know how to design your own lash logo, here are some suggestions:

Eyelash logos can be illustration logos, text logos, abstract logos

you can symbolize your eyelash expertise possible with the help of drawings by yourself, or you can hire a designer to work for you to design a beautiful eyelash logo.

A good lash logo is a graphic mark, emblem, symbol, or stylized name used to identify a lash company, lash organization, or lash brand. The eyelash logo is a symbol of your brand which can show the spirit of your business and your country.

Each lashes vendor should have a logo and brand name, that should be unique and each to know, so that can be spread easily by your customer.

If you want to start your own eyelashes business, then you must first have your own LOGO. So, how can we get a logo quickly? There are four ways:

1. Draw yourself, free but not professional.

Design eyelash logo by yourself

2. Hire a designer, professional but may pay a lot of money and wait for a long time.

3. Online logo maker, free and quickly but may not very attractive and similar with others

4. Hand it to Yiernuo lashes, professional, unique, attractive and FREE.

Step 1. Choose an eye image

We have a professional designers team, and we can design an eyelash logo for you. Also, you can share with us your ideas and inspirations, tell our designer team what style you like, then we can do the logo customization according to your requirement. Free eyelash logo design is provided when you order eyelashes in bulk.

Here are many well-designed eyelash logos for you, and you could choose an eye image you like for your lash business, normally we provide the eyelash logo using the adobe illustrator logo. You could write a slogan with your logo in an attractive font and any color you like.

eyelash logo for free

It is suitable for your start lash brand business if your eyelash logo with glitter, or white, black, pink or brown colors.

Also you can pick up cartoon logo, usually this style logo need eyelash vector, we can print it on your lash packaging box.

We can design your eyelash logo with many elements, e.g, creative text and abstract combined with your logo, such as brilliant eyebrow, luxury crown.

We can use the eyelash photo editor, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator to create a transparent log in the file of PNG, PSD, or AI for you, and of course you can directly share your lash logo if you have one.

Here are some our newest and best eyelash logos template, you can start your lash business beginning with a fantastic eyelash logo private.

Step 2. Choose your box or tray

Custom lash packaging with impressive logo can distinguish your lash brand from the other lash brands.

We can paste the eyelash stickers with your logo on the lash tray to show your lash brand, or directly print your log on the lash boxes and trays.

Here are many different lash boxes for mink, silk lashes with variety styles, cartoon, butterfly, crowns, hearts, diamond, holographic design, all kinds of colors boxes, black, pink, golden, brown, etc.

Step 3. Choose your logo position

It is flexible for you to decide where you like to print, normally we can print your eyelash logo or brand on the front and backside of the lash box with your slogan if you have, then we will print them on the lash box with our advanced 3D printing machine.

See, that very easy to start your lash business beginning with a fantastic eyelash logo private.


As a lash manufacturer with the professional designer team, we have experience to create a great lash brand for you. It is important it is to present yourself in the best way possible. As we all know that the lash business can start with an eyelash logo, printed on the surface of the lash box packaging.

This is overall about eyelash logo design, and please be free to contact us anytime to get yours!


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