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How to Choose the Right False Eyelashes to Suit Your Eye Shape

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People often consider the shape of their eyes while applying false eyelashes. So, this guide is for those people that are unaware of the exact eye shape and which is the right lashes to suit their eye shapes.

If you know your eye shape, Skip to our guide, and choose our false eyelash styles we recommended for you.

Different Type of Eyelashes Shapes

different type of lash shapes
different type of lash shapes

Here are the image about the six different lash shapes (these are popular lash shapes) for your knowing. Technically, they are different specifications in eye lengths (commonly from 27 mm up to 37mm (1.06 inches to 1.45 inches) and lash lengths which is measured from the root (band). And lashes lengths divided into three parts: the inner corner, the middle and the outer corner. Base on this specification, each eyelashes manufacturer designs different styles or shapes.

According to the above specifications, there have six fake eyelash shapes, they can be listed as: natural lashes, cat-eye lashes, cluster lashes, open lashes, doll lashes, squirrel lashes.

Eye Shape Chart

Hooded eyes

hooded eyes
hooded eyes

If you have hooded eyes that means you have a bit more skin right above your crease and is not visible when your eyes are open. Your eyes have a larger inner corner but a smaller outer corner.

Almond Eyes

almond eyes
almond eyes

Almond eyes feature almond-shaped eyes that have a slight point on the ends and are wide in the center of the eyes. If you have almond eyes, you are lucky, because you can use any length, thickness, and most eyelash extension styles as long as their lashes can handle it.

Monolid Eyes

monolid eyes
monolid eyes

These eyes shape is also referred to as single lidded eyes, which have finer lashes, so do volume lash extensions can give a unique look.

Round Eyes

round eyes
round eyes

If your eyes cornea is surrounded by white all the way aroundand your  eyes appear more circular and/or larger and more prominent. The inner and outer corners of round eyes are rounded and not pulled inward or outward. Then you have round eyes.

Downturned eyes

downturned eyes
downturned eyes

Downturned eyes need lots of corners lift, for the outer corner of the eye sits below the inner corner of the eye. It is the opposite of close-set eyes, so the goal is to create volume and curl on the outer corner of the eyes to help lift the eye.

Upturned Eyes

upturned eyes
upturned eyes

Also known as “cat eyes,” upturned eyes are another incredibly versatile eye shape, since they are very similar to almond eyes but at the outer corner there is a slight lift and the bottom lashes turn upward. Some people call this eye shape cat eyes.

Which False Eyelashes Suit Your Eye Shape?

Whichever type of eye shape you have, here are our recommendations on eyelashes to choose from that will best enhance and frame those gorgeous eyes of yours, however, you can alternatively to discover your own styles you like.

False Lashes for Hooded Eyes or Small Eyes

The natural-looking false eyelashes are perfect for hooded or small eyes, because there is a bit more skin right above your crease. Curly eyelashes can make your hooded eyes or small eyes open as much as possible, but don’t use thick 5d lashes, or 25mm, 30mm long eyelashes, which can make your eyes look much smaller.

Instead, choose the shorter eyelashes with regular wispy natural lengths from 10mm to 16mm is a good choice for you to create a depth effect that will open the eyes at the center and giving it the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes, as these styles that are fuller and longer in the center with taper and wispy at both ends.

You can use these mink lashes for some special occasions such as weddings, photos-hoots, or professional parties. The good thing about them is that after wearing them, your eyes will appear bigger than usual.

Fake Lashes for Almond Eyes

If your eye shape is the almond, you are able to get away with almost any lash you like, and you can show off the sexy shape of your eyes with voluminous lashes that are evenly distributed all the way along the band, because almond shaped eyes have a slight point on the ends and are wide in the center of the eyes.

are the most super versatile, and you can choose any style of false lashes to decorate your almond eyes, long lashes, medium lashes, and short lashes, as well as 3d, 5d, even more volume lashes, it all depends on what look you are going for. However, the best lashes style is recommended for Almond shaped eyes: 25mm mink lashes and 25 5d silk lashes.

False Lashes for Round Eyes

Your eyes have amazing dimension, if you have large round eye shapes, it is suggested to enhance this depth further by avoiding very thick false lashes, which could overwhelm your lash line and make your eyes appear smaller. Instead, look for wispy and winged eyelashes. are able to see white around your iris. Wispy lashes with more drama towards the outer corner will create a seductive cat-eye shape while curled options will add even more drama. ​

You can choose the long, curly, and wispy lashes to magnify your eye shape by creating a ultimate cat eye effect and a longer big-bright eyes. Our 25mm, 30mm lashes and Q series Russian strip reusable eyelashes reusable eyelashes will help you create a flirty, muti-layer, voluminous effect with added length at the corners. To find more styles that are perfect for your eyes, check out our strip lashes.

False Lashes for Monolid Eyes

Monolid eye means no crease on your eyelid can be seen, if you have these eye shapes, you often have naturally have straight lashes. We would recommend fluffy lashes with soft curl and crisscross layers that can open up the eye or shorter, less dramatic lashes.

False eyelashes for Upturn Eyes

Upturned eyes are similar to almond eyes, which is also a versatile eye shape, but just except with an upward lift at the outermost corner. You can try our 3d lashes to create a catlike eye shape that highlights your natural lashes, and gradually increase in length towards the outer edges, in a classic winged shape, will best emphasize this upward flick.  

False Lashes for Downturn Eyes

If you want to create an attention grabbing, luscious, and voluminous cat-eye look, then wispy and natural-looking lashes are perfect for downturned eyes, for they can extend the outer corners of your eyes and create perfect eye shape along your lash line.Try our 3d short silk eyelashes – these are both low-volume, criss-cross lash designs that provide a subtle all-over lift to your entire eye.


That’s the overall guide for you to choose the right strip lashes to suit your eye shapes. Thanks for your reading and welcome to contact to get our best-selling false lashes.


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