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How To Apply Magnetic Lashes

Table of Contents

There are many different types of false lashes in the lash industry, helping you enhance your real lashes to be much better. Magnetic lashes are among these inventions making beauty easy for any woman. And magnetic eyelashes have been becoming the trending alternatives to the traditional strip lashes. As they can make women look glamorous with little effort. From celebrities to regular people.

In this post, we guide you on applying, removing and cleaning magnetic lashes, as well as the right way to elongate their life span and make you look even more glamorous. Let’s dive into these magic magnetic lashes.

What Are Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes false lashes that have magnets for attachment on your eyelids. They are an easy, fast, gentle and safe solution to eye beauty.

There are different magnetic lashes with different applications. So, how exactly do you apply magnetic lashes?

The sandwich magnetic eyelashes are the old way that comes in two strips sandwiching your natural lashes in the two-piece magnetic lashes with the tiny magnets in the lashes sticking the two together without adhesive to create a natural long, glam looking.

It’s very simple to apply the sandwich magnetic lashes, without needing any lash glue. Just apply the sandwich style magnetic lashes with an applicator or a tweezers. Following is the picture and video a showing the process of applying sandwich magnetic eyelashes.

apply sandwich magnetic lash steps

Apply one sandwich magnetic lash strip on the top of your natural lash, and the second bing applied underneath them. The natural lashes will be layered in the middle of the two magnetic lash strips.

Recently, there is a new solution that simplified the applying magnetic lashes using the invisible magnetic lashes and eyeliner. The magnetic eyeliner and lashes come with a special eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the invisible magnetic eyelash to easily attached. The eyeliner is paraben-sulfate-free, and won’t irritate the your eyes.

Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashe
Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashe

At Yiernuo lash, we’ve made applying magnetic lashes as simple as applying your mascara, we break the application magnetic lashes down with detailed instructions for new beginners so that you can learn how to apply magnetic lashes in 4 easy steps.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes in 4 Easy Steps.

Step 1. Trim Your Magnetic Lashes (Optional):

Trimming your lashes is a key optional step when learning how to apply magnetic lashes. It’s better the lashes are slightly narrower than your natural eye width than too wide. Because if lashes are too wide for your eye they will lift at the ends. So snip off the outer ends to fit your eye correctly. If the magnetic lashes shape and length are not exact to fit your actual lashes, you can trim the lash band for a perfect fit. And you can also cut them into smaller sections to use them in the inner and outer corner lash. Keep in mind that only trim one lash down to size at a time and test before cutting any more.

Step 2. Apply Magnetic Eyeliner

Apply the magnetic eyeliner as close to the eyelid of your lashes as possible. You can shake the magnetic eyeliner to make sure it mixed well, and then brush a thin layer of magnetic eyeliner on your lash line, like you apply the regular eyeliner. You can apply 2-3 layers of magnetic eyeliner to make sure the line is thick and wide enough so that it can absorb the magnets on each lash.

Step 3. Apply Magnetic Lashes

Wait for approx 20-30 seconds depending on how much liner you applied, it’s time to put on your favorite lash style. You can soften the lash band before application, and then use an eyelash applicator or carefully with tweezers to grab one side of the lash band and and place it gently on top of the applied magnetic eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible, the lashes will contact with the liner and the tiny magnets on the lash band allow the lash to instantly connect to the eyeliner without needing a second magnetic lash to hold them on. And then grab the magnetic lashes near the root and press eyelashes down firmly in place to secure the lashes.

Step 4. Adjust Magnetic Lashes

You are done, but you can adjust the angle of the magnetic lashes with the lash applicator or your finger to fit the magnetic line.

Application Quick Tips:

Always apply two thin coats of the eyeliner to your eyelids(hooded eyes may require three coats) before applying magnetic lashes, as the lashes will hold better.

Don’t use tweezers to apply the fake eyelashes unless they aren’t metal as the magnets will stick to the tweezers making the application process extremely difficult!

Shake eyeliner well before use.

Keep your eyelids free from any oil, otherwise the magnetic eyeliner will not be effective.

Make sure lashes fit your eye width. If the line you draw is a thin layer but wide enough to absorb the magnets on each eyelash. If line is too fine, the magnets cannot grasp onto the magnetic liner.

Do not place lashes too close to the inner corners of the eyes.

Bend each eyelash into a horse shoe shape a few times before applying to help with flexibility and shape.

Removal, Cleaning & Maintenance


It is a a simple process that removing your magnetic lashes. Preferably start from the outer corners to the inner corner and hold the lash band or the lashes, then slowly pull them off.

If you were using magnetic eyeliner, gently pull lashes off your eyes and clean your eyelids with any oil based cleanser. The magnetic eyeliner has a cleansing oil that helps in removal. Use waterproof makeup swabs, or the cleansing oil to get the eyeliner off your lash line, and if any residues are remaining, simply wipe them off gently with a cotton pad.


Once successfully removing the magnetic lashes, you need to clean the magnetic liner stuck onto the magnets and on your lash line. Use a makeup wipe or a cotton swab coated with 90% alcohol gently clean off any remnants on each of the magnets to prevent scratching them. This will make sure that your magnetic lashes remain in top condition and prevent might causing eye infections.


For proper maintenance, please DO NOT get the lashes wet as this could ruin their curl and shape! Ensure they are completely dry before putting the lashes back into the box! Clean the magnets on the lashes with an oil-free solution and store them safely for subsequent use.

Additionally, you should not let the liner’s cleansing oil get on your magnetic lashes as this may interfere with the magnets, rendering them useless. Store the lashes in a dry environment where there is less moisture in the air.Keep the lashes away from direct sunlight. Sun rays alter the color of the lashes, making them fade and look overused.

Always store the magnetic lashes in their original box. The lashes manufacturer designs the packaging to keep the lashes in good condition while maintaining the magnets. Also, the pack helps in retaining its shape.

Avoid touching your magnetic lashes with dirty hands. Whenever you want to handle your lashes, sanitize first to ensure your hands are free from germs and dirt.

Do not share your magnetic lashes with anyone else. If a friend needs their lashes, direct them to the best lash manufacturer, Yiernuo, where they will get high-quality magnetic lashes at fair prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

Yes, magnetic lashes are completely safe to use. You can still want to own glam lashes even if you are pregnant, magnetic lashes are safe to use around the eyes, just like any other lashes. In fact, magnetic lashes are safer than the standard false eyelashes that are applied using glue because the lash glue sometimes contains substances that are harmful to the skin. There is no risk of accidentally applying glue to the eye area or entering inside the eyes. Moreover, since magnetic lashes do not use glue, it prevents glue from getting into your eyes.

Are Magnetic Lashes Reusable?

Regular protection can expand magnetic eyelashes’ lifespan to be much longer, and you can make a gentle cleaning after removing your magnetic lashes, then return them to their original lash case. It is a nice method to keep your magnetic lashes in a good condition. Our magnetic lashes are reusable, and you can reuse them for up to 25 wear.

Are Magnetic Lashes Waterproof?

Yes, magnetic lashes are waterproof. So you can swim with magnetic lashes and no need to worry about them falling out problems if you are in the rain or you are sweating. However, don’t expect to go swimming with them without any effect. If the magnetic lashes get completely waterlogged, the weight will pull the lashes out.

Since the lashes are held on with magnets, they remain unaffected by water and remain attached even if they get a bit wet from splashes in the shower and tears. But we don’t recommend that you are still wearing magnetic lashes or other false lashes if you take a shower.

How Long Will Magnetic Lashes Stay on?

Magnetic lashes are made of synthetic material can be worn 8 to 10 times and faux mink lashes last up to 30 times. Even though non-magnetic lashes can be reused, they don’t last as much as magnetic lashes. Normally, it depends on the brand that you are using and how meticulously you take care of them after every use. You can wear magnetic eyelashes during the day, up to 10 hours.

Do Magnetic Lashes Damage The Natural Lashes?

No, magnetic lashes won’t harm your natural lashes since they attach to your eyelids not your natural lashes. If you use them correctly, they are entirely safe for your lashes.

Is It Hard to Put On Magnetic Lashes?

No, magnetic lashes are easy to apply, and you do not need a lot of time to do it. Follow this guide on how to apply magnetic lashes.

Can I Apply Mascara on Magnetic Lashes?

No, avoid any makeup on magnetic lashes. Applying mascara on magnetic lashes will damage them, decreasing their lifespan. If you need eye makeup, then apply to your natural lashes then put on your magnetic lashes.


Please don’t be hesitate to contact us now if you have any questions about the magnetic lashes. At Yiernuo, we provide you with the latest and safest false lashes, and welcome to get magnetic lashes from us for your lash business. Contact us now for more insights.


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