Custom Eyelash Packaging

Yiernuo lashes feature high-quality manufacturing and customization capabilities that allow us to cater you specific desires custom lash boxes.

Why Should You Customize Your Own Lash Boxes

Expand Your Lash Brand Recognition

Investing in custom real mink or faux eyelash products with our unique designs and eyelash packaging box we offer allows you to build a brand image and name that will help you stand out from lash business.

Grasp More Lash Market Shares

By standing out from the crowd and bringing a fresh new perspective with your custom lashes, you’ll get to easily attract customers. This will help grow your influence and reach more people in the market.

Stretch Your Lash Product Lines

As a business, expanding your product catalog is essential. Investing in custom real and faux mink lashes that feature different styles will allow you to increase the products you offer.

Fulfill Your Unique Custom-madeLash Options

Custom lashes allow you to bring in your creativity and develop different lashes that you can sell in your business. This will allow you to bring fresh and unique new lash styles to the market.

Customize Your Own Lashes

Step 1

To customize your own lashes, send us your logo name and image as a Png to cater to the packaging process. We offer to print your words and logos on the specific packaging products you choose for your lashes.

Step 2

We have different lashes like custom strip lashes and more that come in a variety of styles that you can choose from to sell. You can work with what is already in stock or provide us with a different design.

Step 3

Customer gives comments on our offer. Sample making, production lead time, payment term may be disscussed further.

Step 4

Production will be launtched after contract is signed and payment is made.

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